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The event is termed Salinas Founders Day 2019. It is a 9AM – 3PM city-sanctioned activity set for Saturday, May 18th, 2019. The event is FREE to the community and will take place along Lincoln Street, City Hall and PAL Center. Specific areas will be set aside for food, vendors and performances / talks. A Shuttle Bus will take people to and from the PAL Center to the Historic Harvey House, Amtrak Station, City Rail Car Display, and Monterey Salinas Valley Railroad Museum). Ultimately, the event may include any combination of the following: non-profit outreach, crafts for sale, games, face painting, and music. Given the many partnerships with various organizations and the city, a strong call to action is driving this event.

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Since 2015, Salinas has celebrated “Founder Day.” This event has partnered the City Historic Resources Board, Historic Harvey House, Native Sons of the Golden West, Monterey County Historical Society, Railroad Society and more to honor our heritage. The event typically has lasts 5 to 6 hours and included music, food, outreach, displays, speeches, and much more. Mayor Joe Gunter has commissioned a special effort to plan the event with great City Support.


Founders Day serves the need to engage local residents in the history and environment of their City. There is a strong commitment to both education and outreach from the many historic, civic, and cultural organizations in the area.


As a “City of Salinas” sanctioned event, there will be regular meetings of an organizing team to produce the event. The team is looking for various organizations & individuals to sponsor and support / help promote the event.


Salinas Founders Day is a completely volunteer run event. The 2019 event Chair and Co-Chairs would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions for a smooth event.

They can be reached at:

2019 Event Chair, Don Lauritson, City Historic Resources Board (831) 818-6853; lauritson@sbcglobal.net

2019 Event Co-Chair, Thom Taft, Chamber of Commerce, (831) 585-1284; thomtaft@yahoo.com

2019 Event Co-Chair, Mary Randall, Historic Harvey House, (831) 214-8661; firstmayorshouse@gmail.com

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